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Another newbie here, nice to meet everyone! :)

Why did you join this community?
Boring story, but simply because I happen to like the strategists of Suikoden and am interested in reading what other people think about them.

Why are you a strategist fan?
I always loved how although they basically were the brains of the armies and aside from having important positions in the army, they were always interesting characters and most of them had great insights into things. They weren't exactly the people who charged and struck the first blow in a battle but I like how the strategists (almost) always saved the day in some way.

Which of the strategists do you like/respect/care for?
Most of them, I think. I have a special fondness for Apple, Shu, Albert, Caesar and Elenor. Characterwise I love Apple and Shu most, especially the relationship they had (whether you see it as platonic or more). Although there wasn't that much interaction with Caesar and Albert, the idea of two brothers on different sides and taking different paths always interested me. Personalitywise I liked Elenor a lot. A lot of people don't really like her because she had nothing to do, but I like her from the moment she had Agnes drug everyone and then went around and poked them with her wine bottle. :P

Which are you most like?
If I was a bit smarter I'd probably be a lot like Shu I guess, although I'm not sure I'm coolheaded enough to resemble any of the strategists. But I'm sure I'm going to turn someone like Elenor when I grow old. :D
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