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Diminishing role of the Strategist?


Slight spoilers for Suiko IV follow...

...(but not initiated Endgame) and realized that the Chikai is not a Strategist (really) but a librarian, I've gotten to thinking about the amount of sway Strategists have in relation to each specific game. In I and II, they (Mathiu and Shu) controlled the war with the hero as a figurehead/commander and pretended that they were not, in fact, in charge. In III, the council of Caesar/Apple/Lucia/Salome/Dupa made it clear they were working together and that the Flame Chamption was a symbol, and in terms of gameplay factored in very significantly as support. And the enemy Strategists similarly displayed their relevance to the war.

In IV, Elenor does not do very much, but then, the battles themselves are a good deal less complex. In terms of plot, though, she hasn't had nearly as many opportunities to shine as even the earlier Strategists, and she seems to be rather alone in her role.

What does the reduced importance of the Strategists in IV forbode of V / Tactics / whatever is to come? Is it directly opposed to the complexity of the battle system or does the plot demand they take a backseat to the Hero? Or is this an extension of the fans' wishes to have the Hero be a greater factor than his muscle and relevant Rune?

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