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n00bs n00bs n00bs...:)

Why did you join this community?
I'm a total Suikoden nut. I love the whole schmear, but there's just something about the thankless job of being a stratigist that demands I join a fansite. `^^'

Why are you a strategist fan?
As I said before, their jobs are grueling and thankless. It's their duty to make sure that their side wins and as few people die as possible. But they're not the one's out fighting—they can't really contol what going to happen in a battle. If something goes wrong, though, everyone blames them.

Which of the strategists do you like/respect/care for?
I will always have a very soft spot in my heart for Mathiu, but I think Salome is my favorite. I also like Apple alot! (The Silverberg boys are cute but WAAAAY too bratty)

Which are you most like?
I'd like to think Salome, but I have a little bit more experience I need to gain before I get that rock-steady. :) I doubt myself.
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