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n00b ^_^

Why did you join this community?
Because I like Suikoden and I am fond of the strategists?

Why are you a strategist fan?
The strategist characters are the ones that set Suikoden apart from the rest of the rpg world. When you think war heroes and epics, the strategists are almost always written over or non-existent. Suikoden's the only rpg that sings the praises of a very important job.

Which of the strategists do you like/respect/care for?
Mm...Shu is my favorite by far. He takes the importance of strategy so thoroughly that his entire demeanor is a strategy. And he walks around with one hand in his pocket. I am also quite partial to Caesar Silverburg. Laziness is the granddaddy of igenuity, and Caesar knows it! Eleanor Silverburg is also a favorite. IV is my least favorite, but I'd play it again just to watch Eleanor. XD

Which are you most like?
...Apple, probably. I'm pretty open with my intent and emotions, and I'm not afraid to do anything to help others.
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