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Just joined in

I've been on another Suikoden kick lately... But I think this time it might stay.

Anyway, I was angsting about the death of the Suikoden fandom (most communities out there for it have been dead for a while... one I noticed hasn't been active since 2002! ;_;) when I spotted this community...

And well... I know we ALL have a huge thing for the Silverberg family line... At least I do. So I decided to stop by. ^^;;

I guess... here's my response to the survey posted?

Why did you join this community?

I think I just rambled all that. The first Silverberg I fell in love with was Odessa... 3 years back when my friend told me about Suikoden and lent me his copy of the first game. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the game and, after Ted, Odessa became my favourite character.

I was in tears when I found out that her life and character was so short lived...

Since then, I've found every member of the Silverberg family line to be such unique, interesting characters. And the role of strategist is a very important, yet very often overlooked (compared to the fighters and the heros) role.

Why are you a strategist fan?

It's something I for one, would never be able to accomplish. I think I fully fell in love with the strategists when I met with Caesar in Suikoden III. He seemed so easy-going, relaxed...

Yet he KNEW what he was doing. He could grin and smile and shrug things off and tease Apple to his hearts content. But he was truly a genius. I loved him. I began CHEERING when he returned, and helped out. I ended up depending on him SO much.

Which of the strategists do you like/respect/care for?

I definitely have the most respect for Odessa and Mathiu... And the first Suikoden game will always have the most bittersweet and vivid memories for me, as it was my first. I just loved Odessa and Mathiu's relationship... and how in the end, they ended up fighting together after all, for the better good, for Odessa was always there with them in spirit. And a Silverberg seems to have a very strong, intense spirit.

But I LOVE Caesar as well. And he's the one that reminded me of the Silverberg's and he was truly such a unique spirit. I loved his relationship with Apple (and I cheered, remembering Apple from the first game.) Caesar always seemed like... a ray of light. ^^;;;

Which are you most like?

I have no defining qualities that could ever, in this lifetime, mark me as anything resembling a strategist. But I think that's why I enjoy them so much. The battles and the wars would simply be chaos without their order. More than the hero, it's the strategist that brings all of these... 108 characters together, and makes them amount to something. It's the strategist that brings order and meaning to the characters. The hero just follows what the strategist says as well...

Now that I'm done my blabbering...

I hope we all get along and have some fun. ^^

I just bought myself Suikoden Rhapsodia (or Tactics, out in North America) and I almost can't WAIT to play it. Except that I told myself I have to get all 108 characters in Suikoden IV first. ^^;;

And I'm eagerly anticipating for Suikoden V, which is said to come out to North America in March?? Or is that just a rumor?
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