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I finally remembered to look up Suikoden on livejournal and came across this community. Consider my your latest member, lol. The strategists are cool.

Personally, though, my all time favourite is Klaus.

Why did you join this community?
Because it's here, looks lively and well thought out and is a strategist community.

Why are you a strategist fan?
Most of them are interesting characters who are, well, interesting. I always like roleplaying games like Vandal Hearts where you have to plan so they gelled with me.

Which of the strategists do you like/respect/care for?
Several. Klaus mostly, then Shu, Elanor and Mathiu. Mathiu was one of my fave characters in the first Suikoden and I liked his backstory. Elanor was one of the more entertaining characters in 4. Shu I like because he's got somewhat of an ego and takes no nonsense, like when he told Victor if he did not like it he could leave. Klaus, though, is my favourite because he's quiet, calm and has that delicate look about him, plus for his age he's quite accomplished. Plus his father is... interesting. I wonder if he'll end up bald.

Which are you most like?
Tact wise, I'm like Shu. Though when in front of strangers I can be quite quiet and polite, like Klaus.

Oh, before I forget, I did this fanart of Klaus:
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