megadanx (megadanx) wrote in suikostrategist,

noob signing on

hello, just joining the cool crowd now....

Why did you join this community?
Because I think Suikoden is one of the best games out there and effectivly combines war stategy and RPG elements together. Plus the story lines are just great

Why are you a strategist fan?
If not for the strategist, then a battle can never really be won (well not in this day and age it seems), you just lose before you even begin. Plus, some of the coolest figures in history have been strategists, like Sun Tzu.

Which of the strategists do you like/respect/care for?
Shu because he is just cool and was willing to sacrifice himself to stop the war.

Which are you most like?
Shu because he did his strategies his own way and "threw out the book".
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